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International Water Pump install

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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I'm hoping you can all give me some help.

I have seen a lot of info on the IH pump swap. I have a 94.5 F250 that I want to perform the IH water pump swap on. All the info and swaps I have seen show 96-97 trucks. From looking at these trucks & pictures it appears that my truck has a different radiator. My outlet for lower hose is on the drivers side thus the Cummins Ram lower hose does would not work.

Has anyone done this swap? Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.

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How to Remove a Water Pump on a Ford F-? 7.3

The 7.3-liter diesel V-8 engine in your Ford F-250 utilizes a heavy-duty water pump to circulate antifreeze through the radiator and coolant passages of your engine to keep it running cool. If your water pump is worn, it may not be able to circulate the coolant properly, causing your engine to overheat. In this case, the water pump must be removed to install a new pump. The water pump is mounted to the front of the engine block and is sealed to the block mating surface with an O-ring gasket. If antifreeze is leaking from around the water pump, its removal is also necessary so that the gasket can be replaced.

  • Drain pan
  • 19 mm wrench
  • Pliers
  • 5/16-inch nut driver
  • ½-inch ratchet wrench
  • 10 mm wrench
  • 1 7/8-inch wrench
  • Flat blade screwdriver
Removal instructions;
· 1
Place a five-gallon drain pan underneath the radiator drain valve on the driver's side of the radiator. Loosen, but do not remove, the drain valve with a 19 mm wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Allow the coolant to drain completely from the radiator then tighten the drain valve.
· 2
Open the hood. Remove the overflow hose from the white plastic coolant tank at the top of the engine with a pair of pliers. Remove the three holding screws from the tank with a 5/16-inch nut driver. Remove the tank from the engine bay.
· 3
Remove the upper radiator hose by squeezing the clamps with a pair of pliers while pulling the hose from the radiator and the water pump. Place a ½-inch ratchet wrench into the square hole on the serpentine belt tensioner at the top of the engine. Rotate the wrench counterclockwise to slacken the belt tension. Slip the belt from its pulleys and remove it from the engine bay. Slowly raise the handle of the wrench and remove it.
· 4
Remove the two bolts from the top of the plastic fan shroud with a 10 mm wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Remove the center nut that holds the fan to the front of the water pump with a 1 7/8-inch wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Lift the fan shroud and the fan together from the engine bay, being careful not to damage the radiator fins.
· 5
Pull the electrical connectors from the coolant temperature sensor and the cam position sensor on the face of the water pump. Loosen and remove the nine bolts that attach the water pump to the front of the engine block with a 10 mm wrench turned in a counterclockwise direction. Carefully pry the water pump from its mating surface with a flat blade screwdriver and remove it from the engine bay.
Tips & Warnings

· To keep the water pump pulley from turning while you are trying to remove the 1 7/8-inch holding nut for the fan, a special tool is available from auto parts stores that will hold the pulley in place while you are removing the nut.

· Install your water pump in the reverse order of the above steps.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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