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Diesel Synthetic Motor Oil in 15W-40 by Green Oil

First things first
First off, we'd like to say thanks for taking a look at our post. We're hoping to get more involved with the community and are always open to hearing what you have to say, and although we can't mold each product to please everyone, we'll do our best to target what the community as a whole wants.

Who are we?
Green Oil is a Southern California-based company whose primary focus (up until now) was on a mobile oil change service for fleet vehicles. We are a community and charity oriented company (we donate $1 of every oil change to charity) that's run by

What is it?
The oil that we'll be offering is a Diesel Synthetic motor oil in 15W40. Our HDDO (heavy duty diesel oil) meets API CJ-4 and the rigorous Mack T-11 standards.

What's "green" about it?
Aside from the more environmentally-beneficial aspects of diesel, such as longer periods of time between drain cycles, we have created a Bottle Rebate Program

It's our way of making sure the bottles are recycled and giving you a little something extra.

What we're doing
Right now we're trying to get the word out about our 15W40 Diesel Synthetic and trying to get to know all of you guys a little bit better. Which is why we've put together a give away for those of you who are willing to fill out our little survey and would be cool with signing up for our newsletter (no more than one email a month, we promise! --and you can opt out after the first one). We won't sell, rent, or abuse any of your personal information.

The Sweepstakes! What's up for grabs?
We're giving away **15** of these winner packages! To be drawn on December 15th

Three jugs (5 quarts each) of our Diesel Synthetic 15W40 Motor Oil

One 6" Stainless Steel RBP Exhaust Tip (your choice of black or polished)

.... and the only way to win is to click the SURVEY link at the bottom of our diesel synthetic page. If you have 2 minutes to share some basic information with us, you'll have the chance to be one of 15 lucky winners!

THANK YOU for your time! Any questions you have about the survey, our Diesel Synthetic, or how it can help out you / your truck, please don't hesitate to PM me.
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