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I just fought my way through a crank no start and want to share with others how it went and what I learned.

I replaced the oil cooler due to internal failure allowing oil into the coolant. Apparently, if you break loose any crud during this operation or your paper towels crumble and find their way into the system, it can cause a lot of problems. More on that in a sec.

Upon completion of the replacement, the truck wouldn't start. I ended up finding a leak at the upper fuel filter cap, which is weird because I didn't take that cap off during my repair.?. So I bought a new Doorman cap and put it on, still leaked. So I took the new o-ring off the doorman cap and put it on the OE cap, problem solved. Truck cranks and starts right up.

But leaks about a cup of oil per minute and throws a code for the ICP sensor out of whack (tech term)!! Oil is leaking right into the engine galley and down the back. I read that that code can be thrown based on a leak in the HPO system, so I disregarded it for now. I couldn't find the leak to save my life, so I replaced the o-rings on the turbo oil outlet tube, a nightmare without pulling everything apart again, but the leak remained. I then found a lot of posts about leaks at the base of the oil filter housing, so I took that back off and put the old o-ring back on - leak solved!

But now I was still throwing that code. The truck ran progressively rougher and starting randomly stalling out, so I went and got the new ICP sensor, not cheap. I replaced this and the code went away and the truck started and drove for about 10 miles, then the problems came back. I blame my lack of attention during the cooler install for this and the next issue, FYI.

It went back to crank no start and sounded like it wasn't getting fuel. ICP looked good, duty cycle as well. HPOP pressure was good, no leaks to be seen. Again I turned to the forum and did research, finding the IPR valve listed as a common culprit. I decided to replace this as well. Super expensive part! I now know that there is a rebuild option where you get the crap out of it and replace the screen. This seems like a good option, but I haven't done it personally - I bought a new one from Ford because I had been on foot for almost a week at this point.

This valve has a long body with a 90 degree plug that makes it impossible to use a standard socket. I thought I'd get away cheap and just buy a cheap socket, cut a slot for the plug and save $40. I made it work, but for those out there considering this: the gap between the IPR and the top of the HPOP is so small that I had the thin the walls of the socket all the way around the lip to get it on the IPR and allow it to turn. I spent way more time with a grinder than $40 was worth. I would buy the right tool for this one, it's worth it.

IPR came off with a crushed screen (sign of debris causing failure). I put the new one in after sticking a magnet in the install location opening to make sure there were no metal slivers waiting to destroy my new valve. Truck is running great now, 400 miles later, fingers stay crossed.

I hope this helps the next guy. I would check the IPR before spending the money on the ICP if I did it over again - Especially if it sounds like the truck isn't getting fuel. If you pull the IPR and the screen is crushed or split, then it is probably your issue. The ICP code can come from all sorts of things, but if the pigtail to the ICP isn't oily, then it is probably not bad, $150 wasted by me. Whatever, I have an extra now. I also didn't realize that the truck wouldn't even start with a slight fuel leak, but I guess it needs the pressure to function. I would buy an o-ring instead of a filter cap, probably saving some money there. Through this I have also cemented the idea that you can buy some parts from discount vendors, but gaskets on a diesel aren't among them. All of the pressures are just too high for second tier sealing materials. I will add clarity to this thread or provide any of my limited knowledge via PM if anyone out there finds this useful but still has questions. Good luck.
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