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Is 1999-2002 7.3 50 state legal

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New member here. I've been looking at 1999-2002 7.3 trucks. The question is are they all 50 state emissions legal or do I get have to get a Ca truck. If you have a non-Ca truck could you check your emissions label.
Thanks, Joe
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I bought my 2000 in Dallas. I live in Los Angeles.

Drove it home with a Texas temp paper plate. Went to DMV. They want an inspection (check the VIN and paperwork, basically), paid the "Use Tax" 8-3/4% - (WHEW!) plus current year's registration, and drove away with new tags. Once they see it's a diesel, you're 90% there. There's no such thing as making you upgrade a diesel to California standards. If you import a used gasser, I believe it has to have a minimum of (reasonable amount) miles to insure you didn't just buy a new one out-of-state and import it.

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