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An ALLOCATION problem is when the dealer does not have enough credits to get orders built. It has to do with the volume of sales that the dealer does. The more you sell, the more ford will let you order as "retail" orders. The first question to ask a dealer is if he has allocation, if the answer is NO then find a dealer that moves more vehicles per month.

First off let me apologize in advance, its kind of a long story but I will try to keep it as short as possible.

On Oct 6th, I ordered a 2010 F-250, 5.4L, 4.10 limited slip, etc., etc. I have a copy of the Dealer Order Receipt, so I know it was accepted by Ford on the 6th. My salesman said to expect it in 6-8 weeks and I understood that was a reasonable time frame. About 2 weeks later, I called my dealer to see if he had an estimated build date yet, or even a VIN. I had read that Ford normally assigns a VIN within a few days of receiving an order. My salesman said the status was "unscheduled/clean", but should have a build date any time.

Fast forward to today. After a few more calls to the dealer with little success, I decided to call Ford directly. The person on the phone researched my order and told me it was in exactly the same status, unscheduled/clean. He then went on to say that there had to be something wrong and that I should contact my dealer to investigate. I went to the dealer today, told him about the phone call, he in turn called the "zone rep" who actually handles all the orders for our area. After about 15 minutes, the sales manager came out to give me the bad news. He said there was some kind of allocation problem, but it was fixed now. He didn't elaborate and I didn't even ask because of the next sentence out of his mouth. He goes on to say that my truck wouldn't be built until the first week of December and that I would be lucky to see it on the lot before Jan 1st! I say why, and he said its because they only build F-250's with 5.4's during certain times of the year, not continuously, and the next time is around December 1st.

Needless to say, I'm really disappointed that 6-8 weeks turned into 12-14. I would really like to know if anyone here has any knowledge of this "certain times of the year" thing. Something just seems fishy to me about the whole thing and if I do find out that they're just feeding me a line of B.S., I will be really pissed.

So, sorry again for the long post but, any thoughts?
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