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yea i think your dealer is having financial trouble too. thats probably what the "allocation" bs was about. and no your dealer is more than likely not being honest with you. and it does not make any sense to me about time frame during the year etc. i have seen trucks on dealer lots and in inventory searches that are in vin number sequence, 1, 2, 3 etc. and the trucks are different. some different trim, some different configs, trannies, etc. that machine putting the truck together could less what engine, tranny, color, seats, etc it puts in. the build system is very sophisticated and it can handle building a gas 5.4 a v10, and then diesel all in different trims, and sizes right behind each other. but heck unless you really love the 5.4 for some reason, the new gas engine coming out will be much better. plus i am sure there v10 around you get a steal of a deal if you look hard enough.
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