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Is my starter relay toasted?

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In the last 1.5 years I have replaced my glow plug relay, batteries, starter, and alternator. Now the truck is having problems starting. Sometimes when I turn the key- nothing. There is plenty of juice. I hear the audible click in the front right portion of the hood. To make it run I have to jump the two posts on the starter relay with my keys. But that didn't work last night and I was stuck at the gas station for an hour! Finaly got that to work and the truck then started just fine.

Sound like the starter relay?
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Sounds like the starter to me... since the jump thing only "sometimes works". You prolly only got a 90 day warrenty on the new starter...but some of the auto parts stores do offer lifetime on some of them. I would look that way... My thinking is that if it was the relay and only the relay then the jump would work every time.
Dunno bout that spring... but I think my idea is sound...If the electrical power is there...(Maybe you should try something more substansal (sp) than a key ring) Then it should fix it every time.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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