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Is my starter relay toasted?

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In the last 1.5 years I have replaced my glow plug relay, batteries, starter, and alternator. Now the truck is having problems starting. Sometimes when I turn the key- nothing. There is plenty of juice. I hear the audible click in the front right portion of the hood. To make it run I have to jump the two posts on the starter relay with my keys. But that didn't work last night and I was stuck at the gas station for an hour! Finaly got that to work and the truck then started just fine.

Sound like the starter relay?
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Well, I've kind of been dealing with this since it started. Finally got around to cleaning and tightening all connections yesterday. I will see how things go now.

I bought a new fender mount starter solenoid just in case. But I did not install it. I want to make sure it is the right one. It looks identical to my glow plug relay. It has the two big posts and two small posts. The stock unit only has one small post. The new unit is a BWD Select P/N S5049. Can anyone confirm if this is the right part?

I may take it back anyways, since I don't think the solenoid is bad. When I use my key to jump from post to post, it doesn't work most times. That means it is just a connection issue, right?
After doing some more research, I am sure I bought the right part. I am also sure that it is not the problem! Hopefully O'Reilly will refund me.

I had to tear apart my steering column a year ago since the bearings let go. I am wondering about the neutral safety switch. That would prevent the the truck from starting. Now I need to find out exactly where it is located. I did have a leftover funny shaped spring after the job.

But whenever I can jump the two posts on the fender mount starter relay, the truck will start fine. Just sometimes it wont crank over when I jump the two posts. Hmmm
Boy I sure hope not. Starter is barely over a year old! I know I have the receipt around here somewhere....

The Gearshift Selector Tube Spring is the leftover spring, I think. I hope that isn't critical! Haha
No, you're right. I am just lacking a good work space right now, to drop the starter and get it tested. I have also used a screwdriver to jump the posts. It is so hard to fix a problem when you can't replicate it. Well, if it hasn't been cured yet, I will get the starter tested too.
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