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is old smokeys IP leaking air?

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hi yall, my truck starts up instantly even below 0F but stalls after about 10 sec or idles rough. it restarts after about 10-15 sec of cranking and then runs flawlessly. definitly an air leak. and i feel like its closer to the motor than the tank cuz it stalls so soon. before the issue i had replaced all injectors and got the return line kit. and all that seems solid. wondering if my ip is leaking air and if there is a way to tell before taking it off and sending it to my local fuel pump shop. i ran alot of bio diesel or should i say bio crack this summer and wondering if its chewed holes in the ruber in the ip and if its just now showing up? i tryed soapy water on differnt conections and nothing. any advice on a leaky ip would be great. thanks- skunk
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I had exactly the same problem with my '85. I replaced all the gps, then the return lines and caps. It actually got worse. My leak ended up being at the tank switching solenoid. My point is that the leak can be pretty far away from the engine and still present the same problems. If the I hadn't found the leak at the solenoid, I was going to do the clear line test:

Ford diesel 6.9 7.3 IDI

Also do you see any air in your clear filter that replaced the water sep? I did the same thing. When I had my leak, little bubbles would come into the clear filter and after I shut it off, it would leak down over night. There would be less fuel in the clear filter by morning.
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