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Was wondering if the ABS light being on has anything at all to due with the fuel filters? I know this question sounds dumb, but get this. When I changed my fuel filters the last time I thought I had tightened the cap all the way on the fuel filter underneath the drivers side. The next day I'm humming along, and all of a sudden my ABS light kicks on, so I figured it had to be something with the fuel filters since that's the only thing I had done. So I got back to the house, and used the old 32mm socket and tightened the cap down a little more. Sure enough the ABS light went off within 25 miles of doing this.

So, I haven't changed my fuel filters since then (~7000 miles ago) and my fuel has gelled on me a couple of times while driving. Two of the times it caused the truck to stall on me. Now I'm wondering, could this ABS light be on as some sort of warning that I need to change my fuel filters? My ABS braking system works fine, even though I hate the pee out of them things. Nonetheless, this is the only thing I can think of. So I figured I'd ask the pros and see what they had to say.

Sorry for the long post, Happy Friday!
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