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Is this a good bypass filter?

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Cheapest kit I've found so far...opinions?

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10-4 thanks guys

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I do have one question, what is the gains of a single bypass filter vs stock and a double bypass filter vs single?
I have the Amsoil bypass system and it uses the same filter. The only thing I would ask about this kit would be does it have a regulator built into it. The Amsoil kit has a bypass valve that only allows a small amount of oil through on each pass. It looks like this may have a valve with the tiny lines it has, but I would be worried about how much pressure it takes from the rest for the system. Let us know how it works. Vic
I adressed your concerns with the seller. His reply:

"Hey there and thanks for the question. Our remote bypass filter mount does incorporate an oil restriction orifice properly sized for each engine application. Our kits only draw 8%-10% of full flow oil presurre which is well within the limits of practical application. In response to the mention of our "tiny lines"; in a properly restricted and balanced bypass oil filtration system, even our 3/16" id stainless steel braided, ptfe lined supply/return lines provide more than adequate volume of oil at full flow oil pressure to supply the bypass filter."

So with knowing this information, which doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me, would there be any concerns why to go with another unit than this one?

Thanks for the reply Griz...nice disclaimer:thumbsup:
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