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Is this a good bypass filter?

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Cheapest kit I've found so far...opinions?

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Yeah, it appears to be what you need. They are relatively simple kits anyway.
I do have one question, what is the gains of a single bypass filter vs stock and a double bypass filter vs single?
Most of the systems are not double by pass. They are merely a full flow filter and a by pass filter combined into one unit. The idea is you remove your stock filter, then thread on their adapter to get the oil feed and return for the kit. The filter usually dictates full flow or not. Most by pass filters have a restricting orifice to keep the flow of fluid limited to filter at a lower micron rating. The full flow filters have no restriction and therefore do not filter down as far. This is why your oil can appear dirty after only a few hundred miles. I have noticed with the by pass filter setup I built, I am still able to see through the oil on the stick after 3,000 miles.

The feed and return size of the hoses are plenty capable of flowing the fluid. I used 1/4" on mine, but only because it is readily available.

Here is the install I did on mine. As you will see, they are not really that different.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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