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ISO 1996 E350 7.3L wiring diagram to address low voltage issue to Brake Light Switch

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Hey All,
I run an ambulance company and we rehab a lot of older 7.3L e350s to great success, but every once in a while we come across a new issue.

My '96 E350 7.3L we are in the final stages of rehabbing wouldn't move out of park. We were able to get the correct Neutral Safety Switch installed and it now will start in park, but it still wont shift. I don't have brake lights and we are only getting 3v to the brake light switch and some other fuses. We are hoping someone has a PDF of the factory power distribution wiring schematics so we can attempt to trouble shoot the issue or figure out a work around. I have found other power distribution diagrams, specifically for the '02 (which does help me as I have that model year also) but I am specifically looking for the '96.

Also, if anyone has an ambulance package conversion and is having a problem reach out to me and I can share what we have learned over the last few years of doing this.

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The BOO switch is not part of the cranking circuit. You can download the Ford disks from Ford Service Manuals - Google Drive and install as described on this page:

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But '96-up trucks have a brake-shift interlock solenoid on the steering column, which can either be bypassed as explained in the owner's manual (turn the key to LOCK, shift to neutral, then start), unplugged, or simply removed.

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It's #31 on this diagram:

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This is the '96 Econoline BOO page. R/LG goes to the MFS for the taillights; C goes to cruise, EEC (for auto trans control), & ABS.

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