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Issue #1

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Ok, being I have several issues I will need help with I decided to number them and keep them all separated. please help answer these or point me to the correct threads that can help.
issue # 1 early 1999 model, this is the loudest diesel I have heard. it is loudest at idle or part throttle and can become whisper quite at times under power. reminds me of lifters or rockers clacking. mine is twice as loud as my friends 96 model. any ideas?
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Might be fuel pressure and the injectors are loud. Might want to check fuel pressure, flow and signs of aeration.
Do a site search or Google it. There is tons out there on how to do it, kits for sale ect.
No not crazy.
That happens when you suck air or have a restriction.
That foot broken off and the fuel sloshing back and forth when moving it sucks air.
Might want to get under it to see if it's coming from the torque converter.

Get a fuel bowl pressure fitting from diesel

What's the inside of your bowl look like?
How old is the filter.
Yep, there is a filter in there.
You'll need to buy a cheap fuel pressure gauge. It won't hold up to the diesel long but you can use it till it goes up or rob the end off it and attach it to a long hose that will run out front of hood and back to window to a oil pressure gauge. You can hold it out window going down the road to test.
The filters in tank get clogged up. The quick connect hose ends can suck air. That modification with a pre pump filter takes care of that.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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