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Issue #1

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Ok, being I have several issues I will need help with I decided to number them and keep them all separated. please help answer these or point me to the correct threads that can help.
issue # 1 early 1999 model, this is the loudest diesel I have heard. it is loudest at idle or part throttle and can become whisper quite at times under power. reminds me of lifters or rockers clacking. mine is twice as loud as my friends 96 model. any ideas?
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Hutch mod might be a good idea.

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Could you get me a link to this mod? thanks
little odd, today when I moved it around the lot it dropped a few rpm's and got nice and quite for a few sec. then back to loud and again back to quite and back again. crazy huh?
ahhhhh, the tank is full. so you are suggesting that there is a restriction in the fuel system? what would be a good place to start the search?
and I will do the search for that mod but the cps thread took me over an hour to read and still didn't finish just looking for a jumping point for the mod so I don't have to search for hours and give up...
I know some of it is from the converter area, I took the cover off to inspect the trans front seal leak. but this is overall engine rattle. you can really tell when next to another diesel same year etc. I will buy that fitting from orings .com this is the kind of info I am looking for, what to look for and what tools I need.. I changed the filter about 3 months ago when I bought it, water in fuel light was on, drained and replaced filter, blew it out with air also, a little junk but overall not bad, and light has yet to re- appear. and just to be sure, is the fuel bowl you are referring to where the filter is located?
Not trying to be a wiseguy but in your title it would be helpful if you could include the type of mechanical issue along with your number system.

Hope you get it all sorted !
Gotcha, there will be a few more. I will have to change the oil pan and also the trans seal so I will be asking more on that later. going to start in a few weeks.
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