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I am taking car of my brother's 2005 F250 while he is stationed in Korea for the next year. The issue I am having is that his Edge tuner just lost the display while I was driving it, not on start up but actually in gear driving. The tune still seems to be active and when I hook up to the OBD2 with a scanner it connects so I am getting a connection there. (I did some research and found the cigar lighter was tied into the OBD2 port) The cigar lighter was working, and I used it to light a cigar a couple days prior to this happening. So my first thought was fuse. Yet the fuses that I looked up for in cab/ under hood for the cigar lighter ( CL going forward) are all good. No blown fuses. So my next step is to check the wiring that connects to the CL. I also checked the CL to make sure there wasnt any foreign objects in it, just in case.

I am looking for advice or suggestions on what else to check while I am digging around. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience? I did some research on google and this site and a lot of people seemed to not have connection to the OBD2 when this happened, yet I still am able to connect and read with my scanner. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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