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I recently purchased a set of stock F350 Limited rims and tires. After installing them and checking the air pressure I took it out for a test run. Went great until I hit a rough patch job on the highway then the death wobble started. I've owned this truck since 2011 and have never had this issue. The entire front end was gone through and everything was replaced 30k miles ago, it still tracks down the road straight as ever. Going to take the truck to the shop in town and have the tires balanced and the rims checked out. I'm planning on putting the stock rims back on and driving over the same spot, if nothing happens then it's probably the new to me rims and tires. I know I've driving over the same spot with the stock rims because it's less than a mile and half from the house. Hopefully it's something simple because the 2019 rims really look good on the truck, but if they don't work I'm not gonna run em.
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