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Over the past spring, summer and fall 2015, at random times the engine goes into "fail safe" mode. Yellow service engine soon light comes on and 1 of 2. problems would occur. Either the truck would continue to run at reduced power or light would come on and within 30 seconds the engine stalls.

On the first instance If you pulled over and turned off the truck and waited a minute, then restarted it, the truck might run perfectly for a minute, a day or months. Sometimes it took 2 or 3 resets and engine was ok.

The second problem, in order to get the truck running again I needed to open the water trap on the primary fuel filter, what would happen is this would relieve pressure, no fuel would drain but instead air would either come out or go in (not sure which) and then fuel would drain out. Close the drain get in the truck and drive away this would last for days, week or months or it would happen again within minutes and a complete fuel system bleed to get running. Usually after a full bleed engine was fine for a few weeks.

There is no consistency--sometimes under power, occasionally at idle, sometimes a little more often when ambient air temperature above 80 degrees. Sometimes it works great until it is parked for a day or two and the engine light comes on within 2 minutes of starting. Sometimes with full fuel tank, sometimes with 1/4 tank, sometimes with a half tank, doesn't matter from what fuel source or whether fuel additives have been added or not. If the light goes off the truck runs fine otherwise.

New problem, truck had been running for 4 months perfectly fine, I went on vacation for 8 days and started up the truck within 15 minutes running and driving 1.5 miles the light comes on, no power but stays running. Pulled over and waited, restarted and engine ran 30 sec.s ok then the yellow light came on. Limped the truck back and figured there might be a water or fuel gel problem. Waited until today Feb. 20th, 2016 changed fuel filters, found my rubber hose at fuel tank cracking, replaced hose, bled system and still have the same problem. Checked exhaust manifold temperature cylinders 1 thru 3 are running and cylinders 4 thru 6 are not? What could cause this? I haven't checked compression, no unusual noises that would indicate a major failure. I'm at a loss to understand as 10 days ago the truck was running correctly. Thanks for any help.
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