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Its about that time!!

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I just took my intake apart to look at my turbo and I discoverd some stuff. There is a couple of nicks on the commpressor wheel, there is a little bit of shaft play I dont think its all that bad, my EGTs have been getting a little bit hotter but my boost has gone down and wont hit more then 22psi on my 140HP setting. What turbo do you all reccomend for the price. I dont tow anything anymore and if I was to it would be more then 6 or 7K. I just want something that I wont have to worry about the EGTs out here in the 120 degree heat. Any Help?
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it's most likely NOT a couple of nicks on the turbo making EGT's hotter & boost lower...

it's probably exhaust leaks at the up pipes and/or exhaust manifolds.
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