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Its about that time!!

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I just took my intake apart to look at my turbo and I discoverd some stuff. There is a couple of nicks on the commpressor wheel, there is a little bit of shaft play I dont think its all that bad, my EGTs have been getting a little bit hotter but my boost has gone down and wont hit more then 22psi on my 140HP setting. What turbo do you all reccomend for the price. I dont tow anything anymore and if I was to it would be more then 6 or 7K. I just want something that I wont have to worry about the EGTs out here in the 120 degree heat. Any Help?
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I checked that ou and I didnt see any soot anywhere on the fire wall. I dont have any boost leaks anywhere. Im going to say its the turbo still 140K with about 90 or 100K was towing and some of which was very heavy.
What kind of turbos do you all suggest. I want an H2E but there a bit costly.
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