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We just posted a new commercial that will air during a few of the SuperCross events this year. I may be bias but I love its message. Check it out.

Chad Reed and Josh Grant - The Next Generation

For me it reminds me of a time I was out camping in the desert with my grandson when he was 4. He had his riding gear on and was riding behind our camper down through a wash, up a small hill and back. He came walking into camp with his helmet off crying. I asked him if he was OK. After he said yes, I said "where is your quad?" He motioned over there. So he and I got on my quad and rode over to his machine where it was on it's side. I said "You know what this means?" He said "No". I said "It means we have to go get the camera before we can put your quad back on it's wheels." That was a priceless moment for me.

Does the video bring back any memories for you?
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