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Jason- FreeBSD

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Is FreeBSD easy to set up on a system, or can it get hairy? I was thinking about installing either BSD or Linux on an extended partition (using NT's boot manager). I had to install NT using FAT16, so C: has a 600 MB partition that I'm not using.
In case you're wondering, I just want to do this for the heck of it. Sitting up at 3:00 am trying to get your computer working again is FUN, don't you know.

Jim Z
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I wouldn't suggest FreeBSD for someone new to unix-type operating systems. After trying them all, I believe it is the most stable (this server hasn't been rebooted in 128 days) and secure free unix OS out there, but useability leaves something to be desired.

For a newbie install, Caldera Linux v2.2 is the best of the Linux installers. It will run from Windows, partition your drive, detect all your hardware, and do a graphical install. That being said, I prefer RedHat v5.2 for Linux-based servers and RedHat v6.0 for desktops. My DEC laptop runs RedHat 6.0 with no problems. Suse is also good.

Contrary to what Shawn says above, I wouldn't wish Slackware or Debian on ANY first-time installer

Good luck if you try it.


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