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JL CleanSweep

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So folks I am at a loss as to where to mount this massive thing.

Picked up a HD900/5 and a 13tw5 Sub and a Cleansweep, think I have it figured for the amp, but where to put this cleansweep that it wont be in the way yet close enough that i can have access to the volume control knob would be great.
Suggestions would be awesome. And under the drivers seat isnt an option because that is where i have my cell booster installed, Worse comes to worse I can move it but would prefer not to.

And where did you tie in to? I have the stock HU w/o NAV , but i have the sub. So I am pretty sure i dont have a speaker amp, just a sub right behind the Headunit seems most logical to me.
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I don't have the Cleansweep (didn't want the associated volume control issues) but do have your other components: JL HD900/5, JL 13tw5 and Spl2k box. I purchased an Audio Control LC6i, mounted the converter and the amp in the storage compartment under the rear passenger seat. Both fit snugly and I can access them pretty easily (not while driving of course) for adjustments. Can you not get a detachable volume control knob on the CleanSweep? I thought you could get something that plugs into the unit where you can mount the dial anywhere, I could be mistaken though. Anyways, there's a couple of pics of my setup here:

As far as tapping into the wires, mine was done behind the head unit. I tapped into the sub wires from the factory speaker wire in the back.
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Any issues with overheating on the JL being mounted in the storage bin? I am going to put mine behind the seat so it gets some air flow. I am also going with the Audio Control LC6i, I think it is a better unit than the CleanSweep and doesn't have the volume knob issue. Also, it is all that Audio Contol makes so I am confident in their ability to put out a good product.
So far, no issues with heat. It's been in the 90's lately here in Pittsburgh and I've been running it pretty hard to and from work (30 mins each way). I've checked it and it feels warm but no issues at this moment. I might run some small cpu fans to that bin but haven't needed to yet. I really wanted Audio Control's LCQ-1 but it wasn't released yet. I still may get it down the road to really clean up the factory sound but the LC6i is doing its job for the time being.

Yes the Cleansweep has the knob on a wire so you can mount it in the dash, and it comes with a 7~FT extension wire.(Did not notice the extension wire until i was cleaning up my partial install last night.
Currently i managed to wedge in it under the dash - surprisingly out of the way, but still in an area im not completely comfortable with(up behind the pedals)
When I get some more spare time I will extend the wires and stuff it behind the back seat. Cant do that yet because my box hasnt come in and im not 100% how it fits.
Only 7'? Seems like you'd still be limited where you can install it with that short of length but at least it gives you some more options now. Good luck with the install!
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