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John Wood Valve Body or Sonnax Kit...Which One?

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If a person doesn't pull very often. If any at all, would the Sonnax kit work ok to keep the tranny going, or is the John Wood valve body that good? If I pull anything, it would be a 6'x10' trailer at the most. Price wise, im leaning towards the Sonnax kit. Any insight would be appreciated.

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nope heres a installation link from riffraff my friend.
Thank you buddy. Have you ridden in a truck before and after the installation of one of these?
no but my truck shifts firm with my transgo shift kit. but I also have the pcm code for firm shifts.

it extends the life of the transmission. so its really a supporting mod for the trans.
I don't think this question is much of the topic of this thread,

I have a basic understanding of thermal dynamics & turbines and the fact that a different shaped turbine & stator would equate to a difference in the flow & pressure of the fluid flowing out of a torque convert.

I would imagine their are slight differences in the pitch & shape of the turbine & stator blades of a OEM, aftermarket & performance converts.

Generally speaking do most converters flow about the same and stall speed is the venerable that can be changed? Or does flow equally stall?

Are the mentioned shims used to fine tune the transmissions **** firmness & quickness or the toque convert flow to the transmission?

I am wondering if I would be leaving money on the table if I installed a triple disc converter without also installing a shift kit at the same time.
Trans Stuff

It all comes down to money, and function! I've spent thousands on cars and trucks, that weren't broken..... The "Fun Factor"!!! If you have the money to spend on "Fun", then get the best bang for your buck. If you want "The Best"....... you gotta pay! I'm throwin' down 400+ Hp, and well over 800 lbft Tq. I can roast my 37" BFG KM2's all day long, and leave a lot of sports cars in a fog of black goodness! That said, is that how I use it all the time...... well, only when it's necessary. The truck if fun to drive, but it is my daily driver and tow vehicle. It was built with a purpose in mind. ABSOLUTE reliability and strength. It is always making MAX power, and I tow a 13,000lb Toybox in OVERDRIVE! I'm "That Guy" pulling big grades at 60-70 mph. Long story short..... you would have a hard time finding someone that broke a John Wood Custom Transmission. However, you gotta take it to him, if you want it done right. He builds the transmissions according to your equipment, driving habits, and intended use. You gotta be honest with yourself on the "Driving Habits".

But, it doesn't seem like you're looking for a complete trans. That said, give John a call! ( He knows ALL of the manufacturer's equipment. He's pretty cool at advising you on equipment changes, with what you have to spend, and where to put it.

Good Luck
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I installed the sonnax kit, years ago and it make the truck shift firm. I think it was the best $50 I spent on the truck. Took me about an hour to do and if you can turn a wrench, it is an easy job by following the easy to follow instructions.
Has anyone done this to a stock truck with no tunes and stock turbo?
It would improve shift firmness and fluid flow through the valve body regardless of being tuned or not. so its fine to do it stock.
Has anyone done this to a stock truck with no tunes and stock turbo?
When I did this mod my truck was stock. When I installed my flip chip, the programmer actually decreased the shifting pressure but it shifts about the same either in stock or 80 hp setting.
Found this thread. Steve, Do you still get notification from TDS? I posted a thread about John Wood valve body and Sonnax regulator valve kit in the pump and Sonnax line pressure booster kit ( both kits for the pump) , Kits to John’s valve body compatibility but no reply’s. I can’t get ahold of John on the phone or email.
John Woods for sure. Had it for years it the best upgrade I did. Handles my 500hp no problem, shifts great.
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