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June 2017 ROTM winner - liquidsilver!!

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Scaring away all the competition, this month's winner is -


2005 F350 Lariat. Been whittling away at this 2 years now. Mods include

- EGR delete
- Studded
- 4" Turbo back straight pipe
- Dieselsite coolant bypass filter
- Dieselsite water separation pre-filter
- Dieselsite bypass trans filter along with 2008 filter and pan
- Driven Diesel regulated return
- Snow Performance water/meth injection with integrated 7 gal tank under bed opposite fuel fill
- Riff Raff boots and metal CAC
- Atlas 40 tune
- Edge CTS
- BDS 6" four bar link lift front, replacement leafs rear with Carli racing long travel air bags and BDS recoil trac bars
- 37 x 13.5s on 17 Method Racing bead locks
- ARB lockers front and rear with 4.30 ratios
- Cryo slotted rotors with Hawk LT pads
- 2008 finned aluminum diff cover
- ARB diff breathers front and back routed into bed
- Dual on board VAIR compressors mounted under bed with two 2.5 gal saddle tanks. Integrated fittings in front and rear. In cab controls for lockers and bags.
- HNC front bumper with 18k Smitty Built winch. Home built rear with kit from Move
- 67 gal Titan fuel tank

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