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Just installed tune from Five Star Tuning

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Installed the 87 tow tune for now and man what a difference in throttle response. Only driven it about 20 miles, makes the truck feel 1000lbs lighter. If anyone is thinking about doing this do not hesitste worth the money imo. Ford should have put this kind of throttle response in it from the factory. I will be driving it all weekend so I will post up more info. It definitely feels like it has more pep, though not like a tune for deisels where it changes the truck from fast to an animal. BTW I have an 08 V-10.
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Definitely made mine like a new truck. Got about 10k on the tune now and could never go back. Congrats!
I will have to admit that the trans tuming shines the most on my truck, but the accelerator pedal responsiveness is next on the list. I cannot comment on the v-8 tunes. It would be worth it to give 5 star a call imo.
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