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Just talked to an IH rep at the International tour

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First let me start off by saying,That this tour is a blast and a must see if in your area. They had a cut away of an VT365(6.0)Like a fly on crap I was on it.The rep came over(very nice and informative)I told him that I know enough about these engines to make me dangerous.So I asked him about the EGR and all the problems with it. He assured me that the problems were with the early 6.0's.I told him that some people have been disconnecting them and he recommended that this is a poor fix and you with burn more fuel and not get full boost out of the turbo because the computer will try to compensate for that . I also asked him about switching to 10w30 oil. He recommended it,said it would run better and more efficient BUT not in temps over 90 degrees he also said you will not have romps with 10w30.I also asked him about stepping on it every once and a while,he said "dont be afraid to stomp on the pedal" /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif the engine is governed no chance breaking anything and its a good thing to give a workout. Asked him about the 6.4 for 07,I got Nada.All he would say is that it exist. Here's the link to the tour That's all folks .... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smokin.gif
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Thanks for the info south_paw, I may try to make it to the Atlanta, GA
show. I did see a CXT driving down I-85 two weeks ago and it was painted up in the new green Coke drink, Valt or somthing like that. When I passed it there was a Lady driving and I gave her a big thumbs up. You should of seen the smile on her face, she was having a blast in that beast.

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