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Just want to brag...

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Just want to brag a little about the truck I just stole.

Ad on craigslist was:86 Ford350 dually $1500..

I went to take a look and it was a 6.9 with factory Banks turbo, Gearvendors overdrive, crew cab, lumber rack, mesh tailgate, factory air, cruise, sliding rear window and tilt. C6 auto. (65mph tops)

After negotiations got it for $1200 plus tax+fees (tow company lien sale) total $1300 and change. Starts on the first blip of the starter, only leaks at the differential. (new gasket and lube on the bench now)

Needed a new ignition lock, needs air evacuated and charged, and I ordered new injectors and return lines for $128 on Ebay. A/C clutch engages when jumpered, but not when the air is turned on in the cab. Blows hot.

GV overdrive solenoid has no wires running to it. Wired up a dash switch, and still not shifting. Gonna drain it, clean the filter and refill with synthetic fluid tomorrow and hope.

Trans filter, fluid and gasket change scheduled for tomorrow, same for GV unit, and a motor oil change. A/C recharge if I can get to it.

My question is, anyone have any suggestions of what to look over first?

Anyone know what will make the overdrive work? I need to be able to do the speed limit without running 4000rpm.

Anyone know a good source for body parts, or should I hit the junkyard? Need a passenger front door.

Anyway, happy to have found this forum. Lots of good help and info.:thumbsup:
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Hit the junkyard for body parts, because there's a million F-Series out there and if it looks the same it fits :) (note door shape)
in the past with other vechicles Ive had I just vaced out the R12 then added R134 and never had a problem I know thats not the right way to do it but I know it does work so long as all the old refridgerant is removed.
If you were to do only one thing to improve this process it would be to replace the dryer, and to add more oil. You can usually get dryers for thirty to fifty bucks for almost any vehicle.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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