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K&N oil filter?

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I have heard some bad stuff about the K&N air filters. What do you guys think about their oil filters??
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Since you're one of the few I know that has run the venturi combo filter (lf9027) from fleetguard, why do you like the full stratapore lf3974 better (the full-flow section of the VC is the same stratapore media)? IIRC, you also run a conventional bypass (oilguard?). If you did not have a conventional bypass filter setup, would you prefer the 3974 over the 9027, and why/not?

Just curious. I don't have a conventional bypass setup, and am considering using the lf9027, but other info could change my mind.

Thanks in advance...

Thanks Hammer!

One of the pieces of literature that FG has on the venturi combo filters mentions that the "bypass" section keeps the "full-flow" section cleaner (less clogged) longer. Of course this is not an issue with your oilguard filter installation. On the other hand, there is also less stratapore media in a venturi combo (due to some room being taken up by the stacked disc bypass section).

BTW, the LF9027 is $16.76 at The question is whether it is worth the extra ~$3 over the stratapore, for a truck w/o traditional bypass. I doubt it is worth it for a truck with a traditional bypass filter.

Thanks again for your insights,

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