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This is my first post in quiet a while, my truck has been doing great. The only problem has been the continuing door lock and dome lights thing that has been going on for a long time. Now the two OEM key fobs will not work. I tried the reprogram procedure, changed the batteries and checked fuse 19 still nothing. When the key is on everything works power windows, power door locks and dome lights also power seats and power at the 12vdc outlets (cigarette lighter). The key fob will lock all four doors once and unlock the drivers door once with dome lights coming on sometimes for about 30 seconds and others for over 7 minutes. I can drive it like this but I would like to get the key fobs working. My dealer tells me that the VSM is no longer available for my truck, I hope not.
Do I need a VSM or what should I do? Not sure if my signature is still good but the truck is:
2002 F350 Lariat, CC, LB, 4X4 six speed, 7.3
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I guess no one can answer my question so I will reword it.
Where can I find a VSM part number 4C7Z-15604-AC? I tried my local Dealer and a couple others online with no luck. They all told me that the VSM is a discontinued product. My local dealer did run my build data and that's how I came up with this part number.
Thanks for the help I really do appreciate the help.
I just ran 4C7Z-15604-AC on ebay and it's not there? Maybe two different dealers gave me a wrong number, not the first time for that to happen. I tried entering the K between the 5 and 6 like so many of the p/n have, nothing? I ran the AD instead of AC still nothing. I just don't want to go through all the hassle to replace this thing and get it programmed only to find it's not the right VSM. I did see on an older post that p/n 4C7Z-15604-AD was the updated version of the AC but still no luck.
Will any part number work as long as it gets programmed correctly?
I never said anyone was lying to me. My concern was and is that I just do not want to go through all the hassle to change and program a VSM only to be told it's not the right one. I did end up getting back in contact with the local dealer here and came up with a good alternate number and ordered one through ebay for $223.
Thanks for your help I really do appreciate it.
I am done here and now understand why I haven't been back here in so long.
The dealer's part guy did tell me that all part numbers are not interchangeable with each other but the last two letters do reflect upgrades, like the AC to AD with the AD being upgraded for the AC. I am at the point that I honestly believe that whoever it was that engineered the VSM system was an evil person.😉
Thanks again for your help.
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Thanks for the updates and the link. I ordered a vsm through ebay on 7/2 as of today it hasn't shipped yet? The part number I ordered is 4C3Z15604-AC. My dealer tells me it will work and they can do the reflash/program if I bring the truck in with the old vsm readily accessible for $100. So now I am in the position you already know, hoping the replacement vsm will work.
I'll keep you posted. Having a crewcab without the key fob gets to be real pain and also my dome lights are driving me nuts they always stay on till the battery times out. Ended up pulling bulb out of the rear one.
The continuing story of the VSM, just received the replacement VSM from ebay and it is not part numberI ordered? It's p/n 4C7T-15K602-AH the one in my truck is a 4C7Z-15604-AC I guess I will have to take it to dealer and see what happens. Speaking of dealer he now says the cost to program the replacement will be one hour labor at $170.
Maybe I will wait till the weather here cools down some, we're in a real heat wave right now. Temps have been 103 to 107 last two weeks. Inside my garage it's 102 right now.
Great tip about plugging in the replacement VSM just on outside chance it works. That would be really great if it did but knowing my luck, not gonna happen. I will give it a shot soon as I can get to it. The video makes me envious to watch that guy solder. No way I could do that with these 71 year old hands.
Thanks for the update. Great that the VSM you received went so well. I've ran into a problem with my VSM, it's called age I think. Crawled up under the dash to begin pulling my old VSM out and was hit with really bad back spasms so had to abort the mission. I am 71 but up until now this never happened maybe just a bad back. Anyway my dealer tells me they can do it for $350, of course there is no guarantee it's gonna work. So with the $223 I paid for the replacement VSM and the $350 that's $573 should have went your route.
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