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This is my first post in quiet a while, my truck has been doing great. The only problem has been the continuing door lock and dome lights thing that has been going on for a long time. Now the two OEM key fobs will not work. I tried the reprogram procedure, changed the batteries and checked fuse 19 still nothing. When the key is on everything works power windows, power door locks and dome lights also power seats and power at the 12vdc outlets (cigarette lighter). The key fob will lock all four doors once and unlock the drivers door once with dome lights coming on sometimes for about 30 seconds and others for over 7 minutes. I can drive it like this but I would like to get the key fobs working. My dealer tells me that the VSM is no longer available for my truck, I hope not.
Do I need a VSM or what should I do? Not sure if my signature is still good but the truck is:
2002 F350 Lariat, CC, LB, 4X4 six speed, 7.3
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Well it is discontinued so you could try a junk yard or ebay but if I remember correctly a door latch sensor could also cause issues with the fobs but I'm not 100% sure on that.
My door latch sensors started thinking that the door was being opened while driving and it would turn the interior lights on and buzz at you until it thought the door was shut or it would randomly turn the interior light on while setting in the driveway in the middle of the night that was fun because the batteries didn't like it at all 😕
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