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King Pin

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My 5th wheel has an adjustable king pin and I want to raise the pin one set of bolt holes. If you have done this, is there any cautions or info I should consider other than it is very heavy?
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It is easy to do. Be carful that you dont let it fall out because yes it is heavy. I adjusted mine without problem. I lowered the pin to get enough clearance between camper and bed rail (you need at least 6 inches). You could block up under it, let it rest on the fifth wheel hitch, or just get someone to help hold it as the last bolt is removed. Sometimes the friction between it and where it mounts is enough to keep it from falling, you might even need a hammer and block of wood to get it to move once bolts are out. Be sure and torque the bolts (about 65-80 ft/lbs.)then check them again after towing awhile.
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