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Know a non-dealership source for an oil cooler?

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My truck is leaking oil, fuel, and coolant. I've fixed the fuel leak by replacing the drain valve o-rings. The coolant is at the water pump gasket so I'm gonna replace it while I've got the coolant drained to replace the oil cooler which is also leaking.

Anyone know an aftermarket source for an oil cooler? The dealer quoted me $250 which seems a lot. I know I could just hope to get the cooler apart and put back together but I bet it is too corroded for that. (already tried Napa and rockauto)

Any help appreciated.

Oh, can anyone also tell me why it is better to switch to the radiator hose going around the serpentine belt vice through it?
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The oil cooler is easy to rebuild . You can bang the ends off with a rubber mallet. Just use a lot of vasoline on the O'rings when going back together. Mark each end before disassemble . Use a extendable clamp to squeeze back together. Most IH truck dealers have the kit for rebuild, whole lot less than $250. You don't need the one on Ebay. You have to get the kit anyhow . I've rebuilt 4 so far no trouble.

You may have to jack the engine up a couple inches to get it off, and slide in a 2x4 for safety.

Here's some pic's of one off a 90 7.3. I used a leather mallet to beat the ends off. 1st pic.
In fact here's instructions 1996 Bronco/F-Series
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