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At Autoglym, we often get asked questions such as ‘what is the difference between wax and polishing’ and ‘should I wax or polish first’, as most people get confused and have a misconception between the two processes. So we are here to explain the difference.

The difference between them is that a polish is an abrasive compound that removes light scratches, hazing and oxidization. Whereas wax is a barrier created between your car’s paint and the environment to protect it from contamination, UV lights and help give your car a glossy shine. Wax is applied after polish.

Our Super Resin polish, is low on the abrasive scale but are designed to be used on the entire paint surface to provide a deep clean of paintwork, remove light scratches and restore shine. Be sure to wash, dry and remove any surface contamination before applying polish.

Our Autoglym Aqua Wax provides the fastest way to wax your vehicle and can be used to top up existing wax and sealant.

Extra Gloss Protection is a liquid wax which is easy to apply and remove and provides a great long term wax option.

For the ultimate wax protection and shine, our flagship High Definition Wax contains a balanced, yet complex blend of polymers, carnauba and microcrystalline waxes help create a high gloss as well as protect and prevent future environmental contaminants.

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