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Kubuto L2500 - 24hp Diesel

First of all, it is not a safety switch(i.e. PTO etc) that is not engaged. The behavior with a safety switch open and what I am seeing is different.

This occurs once in a blue moon --- the last time the scenario was, try starting -- engine turn over, but did not start because I forgot to close the choke. Realize it, then closed choke -- next key turn - silence. Or should I say the sound of 'frying' on the right side of the dash. Warning lights dimmed so something is happening. No smoke (i.e. sound is like a frying sound, does not appear to be). Recharge battery (battery charge only got up to 1.4 amps, so it was already a good charge).

If the PTO is in the wrong position, then there is no sound when I try to start (circuit not closed).

This problem then disappears after a few days -- so I suspect it's temperature related (or should I say changes of temperature causes something to shift and issue disappears).

Right now it's frustrating because we had snow fall and I can't plow the drive..

Thanks for suggestions!

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Or maybe a loose connection on a big wire ....
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