Items For Trade:

Factory turbo out my late 1999 7.3 for sale or trade for "isspro or autometer" pillar/guages with sensors and wiring. Must have fuel pressure,egt"s and boost I am not interested in glow shift or other cheap brand guages.
My turbo works fine, bought truck from original owner wrecked, fixed truck and decided to upgrade injectors and turbo to bigger parts. Turbo is not dusted !! No bent or dull or knocked fins, no shaft play in/out "except what tiny bit is supposed to be there". Zero up/down play. Builds boost as should. Comes with factory pedestal. I will sell for $250 or trade for the 99-03 Ford super duty autometer or isspro pillar mount/guages/sensors/wiring I listed above.

Will Trade For:

Isspro/autometer pillar mount/guages/sensors/wiring for 99-03 Ford super duty. Must have diesel fuel pressure range guages , egt, boost . No off brand like glow shift or sun pro, all guages, sensors , wiring , guages must work properly and be complete