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I find it very interesting as a Dodge owner to see some parallels to the problems some 24V engine owners have experienced with low power. To keep it short, the low power problems were related to the ECM programming, not anything with the motor itself. So what does Cummins and DC do? They introduce a "new" ISB, the ETH which will replace the ETC. The only difference in the motor is the ECM programming from all I can discover. What's the parallel? Well because of the old CDW web site which is now the TDR site, alot of information and complaints were put out to the general public and alot of Dodge owners became informed. There were quite a few complaints to Cummins and Dodge dealerships and it appears that they got caught with their pants down. Quite a few truck owners got treated like they were wanted to just go away. The point is that the Internet is an excellent way to get out information to alot of people cheaply and efficiently and the powers that be will lose money and customers because of better information sources. I agree with the post that states that this web-site and others could be in danger if the wrong person reads a post at the wrong time. I never heard of BON until I came to this site, but I'm glad that they didn't get shut down. I don't know how many of you were aware of an oil filter study that was done a number of months back by a guy working independently in his own shop. He upset a few folks somewhere along the line and had to shut down because he couldn't afford to fight the legal battles. Free speech isn't as free as we think it is, especially if we're not willing to fight for it.


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