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Anyone have any suggestion for repairing leaking tubes left and right of MAT sensor on front of spider? The on the passengers side (right) is leaking the worst and of course it's leaking where it is pressed into the spider housing.

Looking for someone elses experience with this ..

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I just removed the spider on mine last night and the tube on the right side was leaking bad. In fact the clamp was finger tight. I actually had leaks all over. Up-Pipes leaking, Spider leaking and the turbo itself was leaking exhaust.

I am replacing my up-pipes, turbo boots, and rebuilding the turbo over the next few days.

I have read two different methods to make sure the boots stay sealed. One person said to clean them real good and spray the inside of the boots with hairspray, then install them.
Then Khansen said to clean them real good and use liquid laundry soap. Said it held them tight when dry. I think I will go with that method since it will make the boots easy to slip at installation time.
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