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Leaking fuel filter drain

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I just changed the fuel filter the other day on my "99 F250, and now I am getting a dripping from the drain tube. I have tried several different suggestions to openinf and closing the valve, and there is no change. After about 1 minute of ru time the drip begins again.
I know I read somewhere to change the o rings in the valve, but can not find that info, and I am not sure how to change them.
Does the whole bowl have to be removed?
Anyone have any ideas?

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Thanks klhansen..Yes it looks hard to get in there, but I will have to figure a way. The more I play with it the worse it leaks.

smeezy...Thoses are the photo's I have seen before. Thanks.
I just found out from the dealer that the valve kit ($50) does not come with the
o-rings, and that is a seperate kit($40). OUCH.

Wish me luck.
Thanks...more good help.
Yes I know I can get them cheaper..but I need them NOW since the leak is very bad, and at $2.69 a gallon in Calif I do not want to give fuel away.
Wife just picked up the kit..$45
It is fixed...I will add an update tomarrow.
I took lots of photos.
As I said.... here is an update. I put together a small web page with photos of the valve. I also added photos of the wear on my turbo pipes caused by the wire harness.
web page
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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