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My father in law traded in is Ram EcoDiesel in on a 2019 3.0L Powerstroke King Ranch 2WD about 3 months ago. He has since put 8000+ miles on it and still loves it. His only complaint is getting used to the auto stop start.
I went with him to pick up his new boat. A 271 Grady White with dual 300 yamaha, trailer fuel and all is approximately 9000Lb. I was skeptical at how well it would handle but we were both pleasantly surprised. We pulled it from St. Augustine to Jacksonville FL and made some other stops in between at one point crossing the Mathews bridge (steep grade for Florida) never once did it seem the truck strained, it ran through the 10 gears nice and smooth. It even had enough power to pass slower traffic easily on I95 to maintain 75mph. There were no cringe moments when it came to stopping, the trailer had surge brakes only.

He drove it to my house in Augusta GA from Jax and back on one tank of fuel. All the while he averaged 33mpg, he ran 75mph on I-95 & I-16, 60ish on hwy 80 and anywhere from 35-55 in all the little towns and back roads along the way. He sent me the pictures to prove it. To put this in context I usually average 26.5mpg (my wife 25.5mpg) in my 2014 Escape 2.0L when I make the same trip.

I recently got to drive the truck for a week in Jacksonville because my father in law had shoulder surgery and was not allowed to drive himself for a while, thus I chauffeured him over the holidays and played with his truck.
My impressions are;
It has more than enough power to get around town or burn up the highway. However it is not a peppy as its gas cousins (my company truck is a 2018 f150 5.0) but what it does to is smooth as silk. The shifts through the 10 speed transmission are almost unnoticeable and I never found my self wishing it had more umph, i found the transmission usually kept the RPMs close to 1700 and rarely went over 2500. Driving around Jacksonville for the week I averaged 27.2 mpg in the 140+ miles I drove it. I was on and off 95 dozens of times but never on it for more than 4 miles at a time. Driving it where I live out in the country with not nearly as many stop lights and traffic I think it would do a couple miles better than that. I did take the opportunity to play with it, and it will readily squeal the tires withe the diff locked. I put it in sport mode and couldn't really tell much difference besides shifting a little firmer but did not feel like it was really accelerating any better. In Eco mode it obviously accelerated slower but if you dropped your foot in to it such as a passing situation or having to pull out fast in traffic it would pour the power back on only after a slight hesitation. I actually liked the eco mode because i could see it encouraging you to have better driving habits but didn't deny you full power at an instant if you needed it.

All in all it I think Ford did a good job and I cannot really find anything to complain about it. I liked it enough that I hope they offer the 3.0 powerstroke in the Expedition when we get ready to get the wife a new car. If I happen to get a new truck 1st it will be hard to talk me out of the 3.0L.

I have driven every powerstroke model and I think the 6.7 is awesome.
The 6.7 is undoubtedly more powerful than the 3.0 (Duh!) and it feels bigger and heavier. One point of interest is my wife felt more comfortable driving(mostly parking) his truck than my dad's 6.7 or my 7.3. However I would not hesitate to replace my faithful 7.3 with this 3.0 to pull my tractor the 8 or times a year that I do. If I pulled the tractor a couple times a year I would go for the 6.7. But for my purposes, Fuel friendly, comfortable, pull the CC boat regularly and easily and pull the tractor once in a while the 3.0L defiantly fills the bill. My father in law special ordered his through a friend that owns a dealership so that he could get one as soon as possible payed in the ball park of $55k which given new vehicle prices I think is not a bad deal.

Oh yeah - my vote is for a 3.0L Powerstroke section!

Hope this information helps!

Sorry this got long and kind of sounds like a Ford commercial.
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