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Leveling kit help?

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I have a 2010 f250 lariat that I have installed a rough country 2" leveling kit. I was the cast iron spacers. The back is 1" lower now. To level it out I need to remove the 2" factory blocks and add 3" ones. My question is would adding the f350 blocks(or ready lift 4" blocks) be better? Should put it around 1" in back.
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the question is, do you want the back of the truck higher? if not just contact RC and tell them that the level kit you got is to big... maybe they have 1.5 level kit...

either the 3" or 4' will do. it just depend how you like it. you had a level kit so it get level.... so why considering the 4" and have the back 1" higher than the front ?????
Ya that look funny

I would suggest you the 3", as i said, you installed a level kit to bring your truck level. So why install the 4" and end up not level again

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mine is about 3" higher in the back and when I hook my RV or enclose trailer it come level (without touching the overload) but when I had my boat (20' cuddy, fiberglass) the back of the truck barely lower.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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