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I have an 06 with a leveling kit. Looking at the fenders, I suspect they can be cut out quite a lot and covered with a set of bushwackers. I'm curious to see with a 2-3" lift how big people have gone with tires, what offset, and if they were able to avoid rubbing at full lock. I'm already on 35"s with no issue and I suspect that by some liberal cutting of the front bumper or replacing it completely you could at least fit a set of 40s (I run 40s on my toyota and wheeled the spare over). I read an article here from Four Wheeler where they lifted one 6" and put 49"s on it, so it might even do 42s or 44s?

Thanks for any real advice (not speculation) and experience on the matter =)

Oh, and here's the other items I should mention:

- The intent would be to stay away from the larger lifts that create a series of other complications (shaft angles, driveshaft lengthening, etc). Some other reasons for staying with the leveling kit would be: Lower center of gravity. Keep the bed at a reasonable height. Move the cost of a $2500-5000 suspension lift to the tires/wheels/gears needed.
- I'm new to Diesel, not new to 4x4s. Avid offroader ... so I understand the general stuff.
- No, this isn't going to be a wheeler. It's partly for looks (the truck looks too small with the pizza cutters on it), and another item is that it can serve as a reasonable recovery rig if people get in to a serious pickle. With 35"s, its not going anywhere.
- Yep .. there's going to be other items to consider ... hydro assist, watch those ball joints, etc. Not an issue.

Anyway, happy to hear any advice, thanks!
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