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Life span of a Turbo? Might be time for a TN...

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Ok so at what point does a turbo get too old and start going out? I was pushing mine today....6% plus grade pulling 10K plus... about 3 or 4 miles. Temp in Pre-turbo hit 1300 and I backed out kept it around 1100-1200... now when I hit boost I think I get a high pitched whine... I need to make sure that it is not a Fan belt/ tranny/ power steering pump noise I will take it on a short road trip in the morning to see if it is boost or RPM noise. Still the turbo will pull 23 PSI it just sounds funny... I wonder if it is going out on me at 132xxx. I was running it in Safe tow mode but it was working it a bit to keep it up to 55 MPH. Looks like I need to take off the air filter and inlet tube and see what the end play looks like in the next day or so if the road test shows it to be a boost noise. any thing i should look for other then oil leaks and chipped Impellers?
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Temp in Pre-turbo hit 1300 and I backed out kept it around 1100-1200

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The purpose of monitoring pyro temps is not to keep the turbo safe, it's because you can cause engine damage. The pistons are aluminum, and sustaining temperatures over 1250 for an extended period of time will kill the motor. The turbo on the other hand can handle higher temps without problems. The only key time to monitor pyro temps for turbo longevity is when you are shutting off the motor. If the temps are too high, you can cause oil coking over the long run.

If you are worried about the turbo, remove the intake tube and wiggle the compressor wheel shaft to see if there is any play. If there is none, your turbo is fine.
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