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Light goosenecks?

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Any idea who makes the lightest goosenecks? I'm looking for about a 10K gross trailer that weighs in around 3K or less. I haven't decided on fendered vs. flatbed. It will be used to haul a low clearance 3500 lb race car and a 4x4 separately.

Any recommendations on moderate or higher end matching hitches for a 72 F250?


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I've heard nothing but positive about PJ, and mixed about Big Tex. PJ's site doesn't offer much detail including things like empty weight and other pertinent stuff.

I'm leaning towards a gooseneck with fenders that are strong enough to run over with a 5-6K lb. 4wd. I guess diamond plate fenders are up to this? Not sure. I think the true flatbeds with the wheels underneath the platform are heavier and may cause issues with a low cearance vehicle with a 105" wheelbase.

Anyone know if PJ has dealers outside of TX? They list two sites, but their email doesn't seem to work.

Thanks for the replys

That was quite nice if you to do that for me. I will be getting started on this in earnest shortly. I am driving from LA to Denver area by around 7-4 to pick up the 4wd. Given the short time I've allowed myself, I'd probably get the trailer nearby and tow it empty to Denver as opposed to picking it up on the way or somewhere within a few hundred miles of Denver. I'll call the Redlands location which is about 40 miles away and see what they've got.

I was near Ada staying at Lake Texoma for a week in May. Stayed at the Army Corp of Engineers RV park and it was great. I'll be pulling with a 72 F250 with an Isuzu 5.8 inline six turbo diesel (6BD1T), matching manual tranny + Eaton OD and a Dana 60 rear with 3.54s, and drums all around. If my trailer weighs 5K+ I think I'm pushing my luck(rather than pulling my luck), though I agree I don't want a flimsy trailer and this is exactly why I'm looking above the standard 2K lb. bumper pull with a 7K gross. I do appreciate the offer and wouldn't mind coming back to OK.

I saw some aluminum trailers and did notice some big prices, Probably not my bag for now.
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From what I can tell from reading and just what it feels like, I think it's about 165 @2400 and 375 @1600. It has been very efficient so far. I am mainly concerned about the weight of the truck (low) and the brakes. I have some Longacre scales but haven't put the truck on it. The motor is over 1k lbs. I think the truck is probably between 5000-5500 lbs. very front biased. I have a similar truck with a Cadillac 500 that weighs about 4700 based on trip to the dump and the scales they have.
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