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Light goosenecks?

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Any idea who makes the lightest goosenecks? I'm looking for about a 10K gross trailer that weighs in around 3K or less. I haven't decided on fendered vs. flatbed. It will be used to haul a low clearance 3500 lb race car and a 4x4 separately.

Any recommendations on moderate or higher end matching hitches for a 72 F250?


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P-J makes a great tilt goose with low clearence.
yes but his race car is close to the ground and can not take the ramps and make it on the trailer.
Chris who are you trying to get a hold of . Ahat town are you close to Ill call PJ and Loadtrail for you.
I called PJ trailers for you.
1 Redland Cal 909-794-6971
2 El Cahone Cal 619-444-1638
3 Tracy Cal 209-833-9111

Hope this helps.
you were just a few hour away when you were in ada.
They do have trailer places in other states.
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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