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lighted running Boards

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Took delivery of my f450 last week and one of the things I had not noticed before ordering was the King Ranch running boards were not lighted as before. I want to add the lights and do not know where /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif to connect the wires to have them light with entry! Any help appreciated! I am also curious about what others have done for auxillary fuel tank installations? Can the uplifter switches be used for that application?
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bit disapointed no one answered this post. Thought I would try again!
I took Farmtruckracer lead and found the bundle that runs below the door. Was then easy to find an all purple wire that went to the cargo light. Tapped into that and mounted the front light on the driverside board and tested.

Worked great!
Proceeded to attach and mount the light at the back and it did not work. The box light no longer worked, so I rechecked the wire and it was no longer hot! Figured I must of shorted it out and went to the fuse. IT's good! Replaced it anyway. The box light will come on if I bypass the wire with a hot lead. The board lights will as well! That means no more short, but why is that wire no longer hot? Is there an inline fuselink? I notice that purple wire turns and goes under the seat. Is there a possibility it is used for another function?
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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