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I have to admit, I finally went the cheap route. While I figured chances of getting random contamination by evil human was pretty low odds, I also figured spending $12 either as a deterrent or red flag was worth the investment.

I chose a cylinder style key set up just to be different. Amazon for $12. An hour of time, would have been less if I had all my tools organized.

Now I have a key lock on my aux fuel tank, diesel fuel fill, the diesel/def door, tool box. All different look and size key heads, but I think I will color code them in the future. And no I don't carry them all on my key ring, they are on a separate key ring I keep in the console.

Just spent [email protected] Ford for someone putting a ton of DEF fluid in my diesel tank. Studied these blogs for a good solution and yours seems to be the easiest one I have seen so far. Cannot seem to find a Diesel door to fit my truck and just feel like a sitting Duck in the meantime. Can you direct me to where you purchased your locks and any other info on the subject would be appreciated. F-350 Super Duty Platinum owner-
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