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I looked in the tech folder and got some ideas. So I'm wondering if it's the ICP/IPR sensors or a leak in the oil system.

Truck starts fine cold.

After running and getting to temp it won't restart. Just cranks but won't fire up.

Checked starter, batteries, FICM, just changed oil last weekend (15w40 and ford filter)

When i let it sit for about 30-45 min it will start up again. When hot idling the IPR is 22.27 %
ICP is 0.9 V - but it bounces a little from 0.85v-1.0v but generally sits on 0.9v

When I crank the motor the low pressure oil gauge on the dash doesn't move. I never really paid attention to it before this so not sure if it should. Also, AE showed ICP at 0.2 and 0.6V when cranking hot and 0.9-1.1 cranking cold.

The desired ICP and actual ICP seem to play tag. THe desired in the lead and the actual following shortly behind it. At idle or coasting they are pretty much the same.

Does this help narrow it down to a leak in the oil system (dummy plugs or something) or if it's just the IPR or bad ICP sensor?

I just don't want to start ripping valve covers off if it's just a sensor.

Those new 6.7L are looking nicer every time I have to get into wrenches.
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