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Long crank - only when cold.

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Ok, here's the history on this. I've got 93K miles and several mods...but the dealer has been great to deal with and the truck has been fairly reliable. I've had the HPOP and 4 injectors replaced. The CPS has also been replaced due to an oil leak. It has the latest flash and had been firing right off. Now it will crank very long, to the point where I'll need to let off and crank it again. It will start and appears to run fine. Will usually fire right up when warm then, but if you leave it sit for awhile, same problem. Any ideas? Close to "out of warranty!"
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How are the batteries and alt? I had a similiar issue a few weeks ago and the truck wouldn't restart in the bank drive thru. Truck always seemed fine when warm but kinda long slow first starts. I had 74K when batts. and alt. died. Just a thought. Remember, it does take a lot to crank these trucks with glow plugs and all the crap going on. You could have just one bad battery as well. Good luck and hope you get it figured out.
I guess as the truck gets older you don't notice it slowing down. When I did get everything replaced I was shocked at how fast it was turning over again. When it died, the bank manager jumped me off and I went straight to the dealer. Left it running and they did their load and alt. test, and said either one batt. was bad or both were just about shot so I went ahead and replaced both anyway and the Alt. wasn't charging too hot either. When they put a load on it it slammed to needle.
Like I said it sounded fine when cranking, I guess cause I was used to it, but then outta nowhere about 2 hours after I left my house in the damn bank drive thru of all places... click click click. Take it by the dealer and I'm sure they'll be happy to do the tests for you. Doesn't take them but a few minutes. They should be able to find someone to do it on the spot.
No worries.... let me know. I'm curious now.
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