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Looking for cooling fan information: diameter, blades, bolts. Cracks serious ?

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Can anyone tell me the diameter of the cooling fan on a 2000 Powerstroke. Are other years the same or different ? Also how many blades does it have and how many bolts hold it on ? Are they all interchangeable ?

How serious is a crack in a blade ? Does it need to be replaced immediately ?

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I've got a plastic 26" fan that will fit. Is it possible to cut down the blades ?

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Possible? Yes. Advisable? No. It's 23.25" diameter, 9 (may be 7) blades, a bit under 3" pitch, and setup for a counter-clockwise rotation as viewed from the front of the truck. The mounting offset is specific to the application.

I'd get a new one if you have a cracked blade.
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